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about us: 
statement of philosophy

The Columbia Montessori School’s philosophy stems from the world-renown physician and child development pioneer, Maria Montessori.  She believed every child is primarily self-motivated to learn and is therefore primarily self-taught.  Our goal as a school is to help children develop a love of learning and a sense of responsible independence.  These skills will be carried throughout their lives.

To do this, Columbia Montessori School provides children with a rich environment which allows the maximum amount of freedom to choose educational materials corresponding to their individual interests and readiness.  With a wide variety of attractive, graduated, self-correcting materials that invite learning through manipulation, each child’s interests lead them from one level of complexity to another and they retain a sense of joy as the learning process unfolds naturally.

Columbia Montessori School is committed to providing a nurturing environment which stimulates and encourages each child’s natural eagerness to explore life confidently.  Our classrooms take advantage of the personal touches and talents of our individual teachers.  We encourage our Montessori Certified and Trained teachers to stay abreast of research and innovations in the field of education, and to make use of materials and strategies that are complimentary to and within the framework of Montessori Philosophy and Method.


Click here to download the Parent Manual 2012

It includes information on the Montessori method, daily activities information, information on enrolling your child, and policies and guidelines.


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