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service:  hands on learning for your child

The Columbia Montessori School accepts enrollment of children between 4 weeks and 6 years.

Our tuition is competitive.  Please contact our school or click here for current tuition rates.

To best serve our parents, we are open weekdays from 7:15 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. and are closed for only eight major holidays. 

Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack are provided as part of tuition.

Classroom Divisions

  Infant-Toddler Unit (4 weeks - 2 years)
This program is staffed above state-regulated ratio.  Infants are cared for based upon their own needs and routine rather than a fixed schedule.  The toddler program encourages children’s social and cognitive growth, along with developmental play. 

  Pre-Primary (2-3 years)
A full Montessori curriculum geared to the younger child is offered for this age group.  Included in this curriculum are art, music, circle time topics, and activities for gross and fine motor development.  A separate playground and gross motor space is provided for this active age group.  The Pre-Primary program does not require toileting skills.

  Primary (3-6 years)
The Primary programs are integrated, multi-age classrooms.  The curriculum covers practical life, sensorial, and academic materials (which include mathematics, language, science, art, and music).  The Primary classrooms offer a balance of classroom time, individual work time and group activities in an atmosphere that encourages the development of social skills as well as the mastery of skills in the academic areas. 

  Summer Program (primary program)
The Summer Program expands on the Primary program, with a stronger focus on reading, writing, and community involvement.  The children spend the summer using Montessori curriculum on a variety of topics that include field trips for hands on learning.

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