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testimonials from alumni of Columbia Montessori School:

Thomas, a CMS alumni who is 11 years, wrote a letter to his Primary II teacher, Ellen, about his memories and experience at CMS: 

Dear Ellen -                                             February 23, 2006

I love Montessori because all of the people are very kind and friendly.  I love Montessori because it’s a very fun place to learn.  I loved being there as a child.  There are many ways to learn and have fun there.  I like the people they have working, because they have a very colorful life.  They also like the kids they work with.  And the kids like them.  The cooking was also excellent.  They always had choices that the kids would like.  The school always had great sources of learning; eg; the computer;building blocks and other work, and things the staff knew.  I have always loved Montessori.


Grahams’ mother, Gwen, asked him ”What did you like about CMS?”  Graham answered:

”They had such a big sandbox.  I was surprised it was so big. . . I liked that we went on field trips.  I liked going on a walk to the park that’s nearby.  And I liked having lunch outside.  I also liked that Primary III had such a big ceiling.  I liked the pets in Primary III.”

This is a letter from Susan, a woman who went to the Columbia Montessori School as a child, and now looks forward to sending her new baby girl to CMS:

When I think about my childhood a lot of memories that come forward in my mind involve Montessori.  I was enrolled at Columbia Montessori program from 1982 to 1988, since I was 3 years old.  It was a great experience and a wonderful way to grow up!

When I was there, we would sit in a circle on the floor every morning and plan for the day.  After circle we would pick a station that we wanted to work in.  I really liked the fact that I got to choose what I wanted to do.  I think this is really important for a child to have choices. 

My Mom likes to remind me, that everyday when I came home I would have a pocket full of rocks from the playground.  (I was a big rock collector.) So, in turn, every morning my mother would have a pocket full of rocks to return to the playground.

One day, when I found out that Montessori would no longer have “older kids” attend. I would have to go to public schools.  I was terrified.  All of the children my age were leaving.  We all took tests, and found out that every single one of us was going to skip a grade.  We had learned so much, that not only was I going directly into 4th grade, I was going into the Triple E Program for Gifted Children.  I think this was directly due to Columbia Montessori School.  Now that I am going to be a mother myself I want my little girl to experience childhood at CMS as well.  I hope you will teach her the wonders of Montessori as it was taught to me.

Thank You,

Susan James

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