Our Mission

An inclusive community
investing in children

Columbia Montessori School’s philosophy is that our children will thrive if provided an enriching environment that stimulates their natural curiosities and nurtures their love for learning. This philosophy stems from the work of Maria Montessori, whose teachings showed that every child is motivated to learn and is, therefore, self-taught. It is the school’s goal to help children develop a sense of responsible independence and a love for learning.

Columbia Montessori School is committed to providing a nurturing environment, which stimulates and encourages each child’s natural eagerness to explore life confidently. Our classrooms take advantage of the personal touches and talents of our individual teachers. The school encourages our teachers to stay abreast of research and innovations in the field of education and to make use of materials and strategies that are complementary to and within the framework of Montessori philosophy and method, and early childhood best practices.