Columbia Montessori School operates as a stable and safe community in which our young friends can develop and thrive. As such, all families must tour the school and apply before being admitted. You can easily request a tour online. 

Admission occurs on a rolling basis. Most classes do have a waiting list, but we do our best to accommodate the needs of the community.


CMS maintains a first-come, first-serve enrollment policy with priority given to siblings of children already enrolled. CMS does not give priority to families based on race, sex, color, religion, national and ethnic origin, or sexual orientation. CMS does not enroll children on a drop-in basis. Prior to enrollment, families are required to observe in the assigned classroom and meet with the Executive Director.

Full-time enrollment is required for the Infant, Toddler, and Pre-Primary programs. Full-time enrollment is preferred for the Primary program; limited morning-only slots are available for students attending part-time.

Waiting List

When class enrollment is full, families may ask to be put on a waiting list until a spot is available for their child. Current families who are expecting or wish to enroll an additional child are encouraged to let the office know as soon as possible to ensure their name gets added to the wait list.

CMS asks that parents submit a nonrefundable deposit to guarantee a spot in the chosen CMS classroom. This fee is equal to one-half of the monthly tuition cost for the child’s class. This deposit is entirely optional, but we cannot guarantee the spot will be held open if a deposit is not submitted. Deposits will be applied to the child’s first month of tuition and parents will receive a reduced invoice for that month.