2017-18 Board of Directors

Columbia Montessori School is a non-profit early childhood educational community, and has been governed by a board of parents since the beginning.  

The Board’s primary purpose is to ensure that CMS fulfills its mission and meets its stated goals. The Board also provides financial oversight, risk management, and executive oversight functions. Board committees propose policies and strategy and are responsible for the hiring, review, and termination of the Executive Director. The Board accomplishes its work through the following committees: Governance, Finance, Development, Communications and Nominations.

Parents and staff are welcome and encouraged to attend Board meetings, ask questions, and review Board documents. Board meetings are held every third Monday of the month. Board meeting minutes are available to all parents upon request. Please see the Executive Director if you would like copies of any materials or have questions about being involved with the Board of Directors or with a Board committee.

Board: Board@columbiamontessori.org

Phil Redmon, Chairman: phil.redmon@columbiamontessori.org
Kathryn Gunn, Vice-Chairman: kathryn.gunn@columbiamontessori.org
Ashley Armentrout, Secretary: ashley.armentrout@columbiamontessori.org
Miriam Mueller, Treasurer: miriam.mueller@columbiamontessori.org

Patty Anderson: patty.anderson@columbiamontessori.org
Leighann French: leighann.french@columbiamontessori.org
Tamara Hancock: tamara.hancock@columbiamontessori.org
Hoa Hoang: hoa.hoang@columbiamontessori.org
Emily Holdman, Communications Chair: emily.holdman@columbiamontessori.org
Corey Jackson: corey.jackson@columbiamontessori.org
Emily McElroy: emily.mcelroy@columbiamontessori.org
Jennifer Rodewald, Nominations Chair: jennifer.rodewald@columbiamontessori.org
Pari Smith, Development Chair: pari.smith@columbiamontessori.org