Limited spots available for new infants due in 2020!

Infant (4 Weeks to 12 Months) Program

toddler feet

As in all of our classes, our Infant Room is guided by curriculum. There may not be as many group activities, but our dedicated teachers ensure a lot of development goes on in this room each day!

Our Infant teachers sign with each child to help them communicate early on about their needs and wants. There is a substantial amount of tummy time, and choices of work that are developmentally appropriate to encourage gross motor skill and visual and auditory development. Books are read regularly, and there are lots of visitors -- most of the older friends like to stop by the door and wave to the younger friends! On nice days, the class often goes for walks outside, or takes blankets to the infant swing to enjoy the weather. 

This room accommodates each child's needs. The teachers work with each family to determine the best feeding and nap schedule for each child's age and needs. The school offers a separate nursing room for families, but nursing chairs are available in the classroom as well. Soft food choices are also made by our wonderful kitchen staff for the older infant friends. 

This room generally has a long waiting list, so we encourage you to contact us as early as you can about potential enrollment.