Primary (Ages 3 to 5) Program


The Primary curriculum is based on Montessori principles of the development stage that occurs between ages 3 and 6, and early childhood best practices that prepare students to enter elementary school programs. 

Key areas of skill development include:

  • Practical Life: dressing, order and cleanliness, independence, self-confidence, concentration, communication

  • Social: respect, manners, awareness of others

  • Sensorial: hand-eye coordination, dimensions, shapes, weight, size, color, texture, smell, taste

  • Geography/History: geography, directions history, art, dates and time, months of the year, seasons, cultures around the world

  • Mathematics: number recognition and writing, place value, sequencing, addition, subtraction, fractions, measurements, simple money

  • Language: oral expression, reading, reading comprehension, building and telling stories, writing

  • Science: classification, animal grouping, weather, human body, plant parts, life cycles, nutrition, magnetism, rocks and minerals, simple experiments, gardening

  • Music: beat recognition, singing, pitch matching

  • Art: shape, color, texture, art history, famous artists

  • Outdoor Life: ecosystems, gardening, life cycles, personal responsibility, food sources

Our Primary friends have two large rooms, and flow between both rooms, in addition to extensive time outdoors on the playground and in the outdoor classroom, throughout each day. 

A graduation is held at the end of each school year for our friends entering kindergarten.